MezzeMarin is trademark of Company Pakyurek which was established in 1975 by the brothers Mustafa Kemal & Nizamettin Pakyurek .
The company focused on seafood since 1990. Snail and natural mushrooms are also core business of the company in domestic and global food markets .

*High quality standarts
*Client – oriented , fully adapted to customers’ needs and requirements , professional and highly experienced team
*Technologic infrastructure ( IQF system )
*Our experience of many years as well as available capacities and entire commitment to the client
*Quick response to market needs and conditions ,
make us a well known , esteemed and reputable company in seafood sector.
We are proud to be able to offer premium quality products world wide . Today, PAKYÜREK A.Ş one of the largest privately owned producer / importer & exporter with expanded products range.We are shipping to customers in over 25 countries in international market

25.000m2 of covered halls based on 40.000m2 land,
5.000 tons of Freezer Storage,
Liquid Nitrogen IQF Tunnel with 10.000 kg daily capacity
Someker Oven with 5.500 kg daily capacity

Karataş Yolu No:425/A 01280 Yüreğir / ADANA

Phone: +90 322 311 06 14
Gsm: +90 546 236 97 17